Askeri Medikal Lojistik Operasyonlarında Bulutu Tabanlı Optimizasyon Yaklaşımı

Askeri Medikal Lojistik Operasyonlarında Bulutu Tabanlı Optimizasyon Yaklaşımı

NATO Modelleme ve Simülasyon Grubu tarafında Almanya’da düzenlenen “Savaş Oyunu, Lojistik, Siber Savunma Alanlarında Modelleme&Simülasyon Kullanımı” konulu sempozyuma “Askeri Medikal Lojistik Operasyonlarında Bulutu Tabanlı Optimizasyon Yaklaşımı” çalışması ile davet edildik.


Military logistics may be defined as the discipline of the planning and subsequent implementation of the movement of military supplies (and forces). Military logistics is a broad spectrum term that is associated with many aspects of military operations. The focus of this paper will be upon medical logistics in the military. In this paper, an analysis of the supply of medical supplies (including pharmaceuticals, equipment and medical personnel) to a field hospital during the time of a military operation has been carried out. The rate at which the supplies arrive at the facility and the rate at which they are used up, thereafter, has been measured and recorded, thereby enabling a model for the existing system to be established. Bottlenecks associated with the system have been identified in the instances when there arose a shortage of these said supplies. Having modelled the existing system, its shortcomings have been identified, thus making it possible proceed with the optimization of the system via the use of a simulation tool that runs on a Cloud environment. The supply rate of medical equipment (namely pharmaceuticals and medical apparatus) and the schedule of the medical personnel deployed in the military base have been optimized.

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