Virtual Reality technology has become one of the most effective tools used in the field of education today, thanks to the features it provides in terms of both hardware and software. Virtual Reality, which transfers individuals into a 360-degree virtual environment designed to reflect real life exactly by isolating individuals from real life thanks to its features, is an effective technology used to increase the level of knowledge and experience of individuals on subjects that are difficult, impossible or very costly to try in real life.

In this way, Virtual Reality technology has become a new generation educational technology used in the education of individuals in many different fields such as military, industrial, education, health and entertainment. In particular, machinery, vehicles, etc. in the industrial field. Virtual Reality technology, which is used in the training of personnel who will practically work on the maintenance - repair - assembly issues on the equipment, provides the opportunity to provide unlimited and practical training without the need for any real equipment, without taking the risks in real life, in addition to the theoretical training given to the individuals.

In this way, individuals have the chance to improve their practical skill levels without the need for real equipment and without taking real-life risks (damage to the material, injury due to incorrect operation, etc.) by taking practical training in the virtual environment as if they were working in the real field and on the real machine.

SimoVR: With our Virtual Reality Based Operator Training System, individuals who will work practically in the field are provided with practical training on maintenance-repair-assembly as if they were in front of real devices in the real field without taking risks in real life. SimoVR, which can be integrated with real equipment in order to maximize the experience of individuals, can simultaneously transfer the hand movements of individuals to the virtual environment by eliminating the use of controllers, thanks to SimoGlove: Virtual Reality Gloves, developed with 100% domestic and national facilities.

Real Hardware Integration

Have you had a chance to try our Virtual Reality Based Simulator systems?

In order for our developed Virtual Reality applications to be more efficient and effective, we integrate our Virtual Reality applications with real equipment by using our strong IoT infrastructure.

Domestic and National Virtual Reality Gloves

Stop using controllers in Virtual Reality applications!

Thanks to SimoGlove: Virtual Reality Glove, which we have developed with 100% domestic and national resources, the hand movements of the users in real life are transferred to the virtual environment simultaneously

No Code Editor App

You don't need to know programming anymore to develop a Virtual Reality application!

With our Virtual Reality Editor Application developed with the "No Code" logic, you can develop your own Virtual Reality applications in minutes with drag and drop without the need for any programming knowledge.

Walking Platform Integration

Feeling nauseous in Virtual Reality apps? It will no longer be found :)

Thanks to our Virtual Reality applications in a modular structure, we are developing an alternative motion system to the teleportation movement in the virtual environment by easily integrating the walking platform equipment into the system.

Our Sample Applications

In a world where technology is continually expanding, the educational and industrial sectors' needs are always changing. SimoVR, a unique product from Simovate, comes into action here. With its better hardware and software features, virtual reality technology is driving transformation in today's education and industrial sectors.

The Virtual Reality Advantage

Virtual reality immerses viewers in a 360-degree virtual environment that is intended to virtual reality. This technology entirely removes users from reality, making it a great tool for training persons in areas that are difficult, impossible, or prohibitively expensive to encounter in real life. SimoVR is a game-changing solution for operator training.

Remove Real-World Risks

Practical training for the maintenance, repair, and assembly of machines, vehicles, and other equipment is essential in the industrial sector. SimoVR allows individuals to receive practical training in a virtual environment as if they were working in a real field and with actual machinery. This approach prevents potential risks that might arise without the need for real equipment.

No Code Editor for Simplicity

Virtual reality applications can now be created without any programming skills! SimoVR's logic-driven Virtual Reality Editor Application with "No Code" allows users to construct virtual reality applications in minutes using a drag-and-drop technique. More people will be able to benefit from this sophisticated technology as a result of this.

Integration of a Walking Platform

Our Virtual Reality applications with a modular structure easily integrate walking platform hardware, enabling the execution of movement maneuvers in the virtual environment similar to those in the real environment.

SimoVR provides an amazing opportunity to become acquainted with future technology. Enhance on-the-job training and OHS training with virtual reality technology, making it safer, more efficient, and effective. Discover the future now to remain ahead of the competition.