You can transfer the standard instruction steps of your maintenance-repair-assembly processes to the digital environment with the models and animations we place on the real world in 3D.

Digitization of Instructions

We ensure that your written Maintenance-Repair or Assembly instructions are transferred to the digital environment and the personnel are guided step-by-step with 3D models.

3D Modeling

We provide end-to-end services in the creation of 3D models of machinery and equipment and the implementation of scenarios.

Staff Orientation

Our Master Apprentice application comes into play whenever the personnel needs it, allowing remote specialist personnel to intervene in the problem as if they were in the field, with the Augmented Reality materials it contains.

IoT Device Integration

We can provide integration between all IoT devices used in production processes and our Augmented Reality Application. In this way, we improve the quality processes by not passing the operator to the next instruction step unless the required value for the relevant instruction step is received from the relevant IoT devices.

Registration and Review

We record all the transactions made by the personnel with an instant video or sound recording from the field. We offer a detailed reporting screen for the transfer of experience regarding the problems that may occur later.

Efficiency in Processes

We shorten the quality and approval processes by taking images from the field at every step of the personnel. In this way, we provide a serious improvement in the quality processes of the produced product.

Our Sample Applications

SimovAR digitizes maintenance, repair, and assembly operations for businesses. You can efficiently guide processes with real-time 3D models and animations, leaving written instructions behind. This enables your staff to learn faster and perform their tasks better. Additionally, these digitized instructions standardize your workflow, minimize errors, and optimize processing times.

SimovAR makes your business processes smarter with IoT integration. The integration between process steps and IoT devices automates your workflows and facilitates data sharing. IoT devices are directly integrated when following instructions, making operations smarter and more efficient.

SimovAR accelerates and streamlines operations by capturing real-time field images at each step, making processes faster and error-free. It not only reduces operational costs but also minimizes production errors. It monitors and records operations, allowing for better management of your business processes. Continuous observation makes optimizing your operations and increasing efficiency easier.

SimovAR enhances the efficiency of your business processes by providing remote support that feels as if an expert is on-site. It reduces maintenance travels, minimizes the costs of sudden machine stoppages, and expedites approval processes. Additionally, it provides instant access to expert knowledge, contributing to better management of your business processes.

These advantages enable SimovAR to increase the efficiency of your business and gain a competitive edge. Get to know SimovAR to digitize your processes and prepare for the future. Shape the future with this groundbreaking technology for your business.

SimovAR helps redefine your business processes, reduce operational costs, minimize production errors, increase productivity, and shorten processing times. Get to know SimovAR to prepare your business for the future. Contact us for more information and start transforming your business processes. Build the future with SimovAR!