An end-to-end solution with unlimited sensor support integrated into your entire system

SimoMES: With the Production Execution System, production sites can be monitored and remotely controlled simultaneously.

Thanks to SimoMES, which can also work in integration with ERP systems, the causes of downtime and malfunctions in production can be analyzed and productivity in production can be measured automatically.

Working in harmony with many PLCs, SimoMES has the ability to easily read and visualize the data requested to be received from the machines, thanks to its 100% domestic and national I/O cards at the point where data cannot be received from the PLC.

Our Strategy

SimoMES is a completely device-independent application. It offers an easy user interface that supports all sensors in the system.

Our Technology

Tamamen yerli ve milli imkanlar ile geliştirdiğimiz SimoMES uygulamamız bu kapsamda firmalara değer katmayı hedeflemektedir.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to integrate our applications to companies in the most accurate and fastest way and to add value to companies.

How do we work?

Most Accurate

After examining the machines and ERP systems in your system with our expert staff, we determine the most suitable and correct solution for you.


Our expert team makes the integration of the system in the fastest way in accordance with your roadmap.